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  • Airtime 2.5.2 Release Notes
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Airtime 2.5.2 includes over a year of bugfixes and a brand new installer, making Airtime easier to install and more reliable than ever before. 

Download Airtime 2.5.2 (source tarball)

Supported Platforms:

  • Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty)
  • Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise)
  • Debian Wheezy 7.8

The new installer is Linux distribution agnostic. When installing on an unsupported distribution, please run the installer without the -d flag to avoid automatic dependency installation.

Windows and Mac users are recommended to try using Airtime Pro

New in Airtime 2.5.2:

  • A brand new installer allowing simpler installation of the Airtime web application and Airtime's background daemons.
  • The basic Airtime web application configuration is now done graphically, in your browser.
  • Fixed a large number of scheduler bugs in situations where the user timezone, station timezone, and/or system timezone were different.
  • Fixed several critical scheduler bugs related to linked shows.
  • Performance improvements for linked shows.
  • Smart blocks now have a new criteria: Sorting by upload date (newest or oldest) - Feature developed by community contributor Robb Ebright
  • Unified the plethora of config files into a single airtime.conf, making it significantly easier to tinker.
  • All Python-based daemons have been cleaned up and adhere to Python packaging standards better (using setuptools).
  • The airtime-check-system utility has been deprecated and removed, since all relevant health checks and information are presented graphically during the installer and inside the System->Status menu inside Airtime.


Bugs and Issues Fixed 

  • [CC-5729] - Pypo race condition on show source kick event kills playout
  • [CC-1604] - Config scripts: packages cannot be installed by debian-installer during clean install, due to postgres not being started yet
  • [CC-2967] - .deb package install does not support SSL hosts
  • [CC-5169] - Airtime will be uninstalled during Ubuntu's release upgrade from lucid to precise
  • [CC-5343] - Missing files can be scheduled via playlists
  • [CC-5434] - Strange file name makes Media Monitor crash
  • [CC-5472] - Listener stat's failure by exception
  • [CC-5503] - Content gets scheduled with wrong instance id sometimes
  • [CC-5588] - Specific user can't see Library because ColReorder is null for their account
  • [CC-5607] - The same user profile can be used at the same time on multiple machines
  • [CC-5634] - Can add/remove content to a linked show while one instance is currently playing
  • [CC-5650] - Full Install doesn't work for apache 2.4
  • [CC-5652] - Change Language in Airtime, wrong language strings are shown
  • [CC-5654] - Installation script does two Apache restarts too quickly, causing Apache to fail
  • [CC-5660] - Unable to create shows with a rebroadcast
  • [CC-5666] - Deleting a show instance can revert the 'no end' option
  • [CC-5668] - Weekly recordings get overwritten
  • [CC-5672] - Webstream warnings
  • [CC-5677] - Library -> Scheduled column gets updated on incorrect file
  • [CC-5678] - Scheduler: Show's contents won't follow show's scheduled time change
  • [CC-5696] - Two shows or even three shows playing at once. Unstopable even after reboot
  • [CC-5697] - Editing a linked show's repeat day sets wrong day for show content
  • [CC-5698] - Library -> Scheduled column doesn't get updated when bulk adding items
  • [CC-5718] - Show content can get scheduled in instances that are in the past
  • [CC-5719] - Incorrect show content start time
  • [CC-5720] - Show Editing bug creating duplicates
  • [CC-5724] - Changing start date of a repeating show will update content incorrectly
  • [CC-5725] - Changing a show's repeat type removes first instance from repeating series
  • [CC-5727] - History search range using incorrect timezone offset (also Nowplaying & Listener Stats)
  • [CC-5728] - Problem when removing repeat option and changing start date
  • [CC-5732] - History -> Playout History: live chat banner blocks navigator buttons
  • [CC-5746] - Editing detached linked show instance will still affect others
  • [CC-5747] - Replaygain: doesnt work for aac tracks
  • [CC-5756] - Scheduler: Different results between Show contents and Add/Remove Contents
  • [CC-5784] - Unable to add shows with "Record and rebroadcast" option
  • [CC-5797] - Install should give www-data permissions on stor
  • [CC-5810] - Installation can have race conditions with the cache
  • [CC-5838] - Editing a repeating show yields in error if an instance is in the past
  • [CC-5849] - Audio preview audio/x-wav exception
  • [CC-5865] - Editing repeating show will cause instance lost.
  • [CC-5867] - Can't edit show instance
  • [CC-5869] - Changing a repeating show to non-repeating and changing start time does not work
  • [CC-5870] - airtime-check-system misses RabbitMQ failures
  • [CC-5871] - Recording Show: cant upload tracks
  • [CC-5898] - Future repeating shows may not get generated and/or filled with content
  • [CC-5902] - Linked Shows -> Replace content check assumes content of shows have the same number of tracks
  • [CC-5903] - Show a 'loading' message on the calendar page when shows are getting generated
  • [CC-5904] - New linked show instances may get an old copy of the schedule
  • [CC-5905] - Webstream loses volume at the start of every track
  • [CC-5907] - Install script broken on Ubuntu 14.04
  • [CC-5935] - Process Forking Bug in Pypofetch
  • [CC-5975] - Default fade-in/out, and crossfade time validators don't work
  • [CC-5978] - Allow sorting by upload time in smart blocks
  • [CC-5984] - New installer fails out on Saucy
  • [CC-5986] - Fix the unit tests in 2.5.x-installer
  • [CC-5988] - Changing the Switch Transition Fade time can sometimes stop Master settings from being saved
  • [CC-5990] - Python Cleanup: Remove PYTHONPATH silliness
  • [CC-5999] - Unknown file type: audio/vorbis
  • [CC-5627] - Check all Application_Common_DateHelper calculations that use timezone.
  • [CC-5715] - Write database test to check the schedule start times after editing a repeating show and changing the repeat day
  • [CC-5716] - Write database test to check the show content after editing a repeating show and removing a repeat day
  • [CC-5755] - Reproduced schedule problem
  • [CC-5873] - Add support for Apache 2.4 virtual host configuration to deb package and installation docs
  • [CC-5875] - Updates for Airtime 2.5.2 manual
  • [CC-5958] - Check for airtime.conf and redirect to setup-config page if it doesn't exist
  • [CC-5991] - Python Cleanup: Remove /usr/lib/airtime
  • [CC-5726] - Write database test cases for CC-5725
  • [CC-5557] - Croatian and Serbian localization
  • [CC-5649] - Remove unused function, Application_Model_Show::populateAllShowsInRange

Known issues

  • Your experience can vary widely based on the version of Liquidsoap and Silan you have installed. We recommend Liquidsoap 1.1.1 (available in Ubuntu 14.04 and newer) and the very latest Silan code (Jan 2015).
    Debian packages for both Liquidsoap and Silan are provided for many distributions at:
  • The following directories are no longer needed:
    • /usr/lib/airtime
  • The airtime-check-system utility is deprecated and has been removed (see above).
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