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As of Airtime 2.4, Opus decoder/encoder support is now available. This means that you can schedule Opus tracks and webstreams in the calendar, as well as set your webstream output in the Opus format as well.

Note that this wiki guide is only if you want to provide Opus as an output stream format for Airtime. If you simply wish to play Opus file, you do not need to do anything. Airtime and its playout engine Liquidsoap will automatically handle converting Opus (and any other supported format) to the correct output format in real-time.


Between the two leading streaming servers available today - SHOUTcast and Icecast, only Icecast supports this new audio format, and only with the bleeding edge version (2.4 beta at the time of writing). However it is fairly simple to get this version set-up.

Since your Ubuntu and Debian apt repository will have an pre-2.4 version of Icecast, you will need to download the appropriate 2.4 Debian package - but before doing that, make sure you've removed any older versions of Icecast you may have installed:

sudo apt-get remove icecast2

Now visit the following URL:

Find your appropriate Debian/Ubuntu version, and download it to the desktop. Open a terminal, and type

sudo dpkg -i <name of file>


Icecast install should now be completed. You should be able to verify by visiting http://<server-ip>:8000 to check if you get a simple Icecast landing page. Now there is one last step - we need to choose Opus as the output format from within Airtime.

As an admin user in the Airtime UI, select System -> Streams. Select the stream output you wish to modify, and select "Opus" from the dropdown menu.



Your Opus output stream is ready to go!


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