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Note: we try to keep this FAQ up to date with the latest released version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"What's Wrong?" - General Debugging suggestions

Run this command from the command line: "sudo airtime-check-system"

It will give you a status of Airtime and may indicate any problems you have with your setup.

Also look for errors in "/var/log/airtime/pypo/main/current" and "/var/log/airtime/pypo-liquidsoap/main/current" (Airtime versions up to 1.8.2) or "/var/log/airtime/pypo/pypo.log" and "/var/log/airtime/pypo-liquidsoap/ls_script.log" (version 1.9.0 or later).  Look for anything that says "error" or "warning".  If you see an error and don't know what it means or how to fix it, post it to the forum:

Starting in version 2.0, you can use the command "airtime-log" to dump your log files to a single file in order to send them for support help.


The airtime-check-system script can't query to the server for Airtime status. Is the server running? Try typing the following into a terminal:

sudo service apache2 restart

What is the maximum number of listeners I can support on my machine?

Please see here:

Icecast Load Test results

How do I change the base URL or port for the web interface?

If you want to run under a different URL other than "localhost", open the file /etc/airtime/api_client.cfg and /etc/airtime/airtime.conf and change the appropriate base URL and port settings

If you are changing the port number, you will also have to change the Apache config file "/etc/apache/sites-available/airtime" and replace the "80" in "<VirtualHost *:80>" with the port number you want to run on.  Then restart apache:sudo service apache2 restart

How can I run Airtime and Newscoop on the same machine?

In order to run both Airtime and Newscoop on the same machine,
just edit the files in /etc/apache2/sites-available/
and give each file a unique ServerName.
Once done, link them in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ directory
and reload apache

sudo service apache2 reload

How do I test if Liquidsoap has access to my soundcard?

Try the following command:

 $ airtime-test-soundcard 

You should be able to hear a monotonous tone.

I'm getting choppy audio, help!

Sometimes users report choppy audio, especially on virtual servers.  The reason for this is that it takes CPU power to encode streams - make sure your processor is powerful enough.  If you look in your liquidsoap log file, you might see something like this:

2011/03/25 16:13:17 [clock.wallclock_main:2] We must catchup 11.60 seconds!
2011/03/25 16:13:18 [clock.wallclock_main:2] We must catchup 13.49 seconds!
2011/03/25 16:13:20 [clock.wallclock_main:2] We must catchup 14.78 seconds!

This means that your computer is not computing the stream fast enough: at some point it is 11.60 seconds late, etc.

1) You should check your CPU with the top or htop command - do you have any other CPU-intensive tasks on the machine?  If so, disable them.

2) Make sure that your server has any power saving mode switched off, which could be lowering your CPU speed. This may be a BIOS setting, or a desktop setting on a laptop/notebook. The file /proc/cpuinfo reports your cpu MHz speed as set in the BIOS, which should be in thousands, not hundreds - for example:

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor    : 0
vendor_id    : GenuineIntel
cpu family   : 6
model        : 30
model name   : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz
stepping     : 5
cpu MHz      : 2800.019

3) Another thing you can do to lower CPU load is to only enable only one stream (if you turned on both the OGG and MP3 streams). If you are using just the ALSA output direct to the soundcard, you can disable both streams. See the Configuration chapter of the manual on how to do that.

What are the suggested hardware specs?

A headless server with at least 1GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM is recommended.

How Do I Move Airtime into a subdirectory under the document root of my web server?

Required Airtime Version: 2.3

1. Copy files

  • Copy the contents of /usr/share/airtime to the subdirectory you are moving Airtime to.

2. Edit /etc/airtime/airtime.conf

  • Modify base_dir. By default base_dir is set to '/'. Always point the base_dir to the public folder. For example, if you copied the contents of /usr/share/airtime to a folder named 'airtime', modify base_dir to 'airtime/public/'

3. Edit /etc/airtime/api_client.cfg

  • Modify base_dir. It should be the same as what was entered in /etc/airtime/airtime.conf

4. Restart Liquidsoap

 sudo service airtime-playout restart 

5. Restart Media Monitor

 sudo service airtime-media-monitor restart 
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