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  • Release Notes 2.0.X
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1) Upgrading: Airtime 2.0.X only supports upgrading from version 1.8.0 and above. (Our policy is that we support upgrades from two major versions in the past).

2) Changing the import directory location: You cannot change the storage directory while file importing is in progress.

3) You cannot drag and drop instances of a repeated show.

4) Using network storage for your file system is not supported. Doing so will cause you to loose your playlists quite often. (The reason is that when the network drive is disconnected, the Airtime "media monitor" process will think that all the files have been deleted and remove all the references to those files in your database.)

Known Issues

  1. Uploading Large Files(>200MB) through Firefox on Ubuntu 10.04: There is an issue with uploading files larger than 200MB through Firefox (any version) on Ubuntu 10.04.  The workaround for this is to install the Google Gears plugin on Firefox 3.6 (32-bit only) and restart your browser. Or for regular upload of very large files, use SFTP as described at
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