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Newscoop >= 3.5.2

Get it working in only 5 steps

A new reCAPTCHA plugin is available, users can enable reCAPTCHA service to protect against bots from abusing their sites. Here is how to do it:

  1. Download the recaptcha plugin from our site in sourceforge: [ link here ]
  2. Install and enable the plugin through the Plugins Manager in Newscoop (Option in the top menu is PLUGINS -> Manage Plugins)
  3. Configure the plugin, options are:
    1. Enable for comments:
    2. Enable for subscriptions:
    3. Enter the public key:
    4. Enter the private key:
  4. Say your templates you are gonna use the recaptcha plugin. It is simple, just include this template tag within your form:
    1. comments form:
       {{ recaptcha }} 
    2. subscriptions form:
       {{ recaptcha form='subscriptions' }}
  5. Finally, enable the use of CAPTCHA for your publication in the Publication configure screen.

Generating the reCAPTCHA key

First, you can read what reCAPTCHA is here:

Then, make sure to create the proper key for your site here:


If you have used CAPTCHA in Newscoop before to secure the posting process for the comments you had probably built your comments form with something like this:

<img src="{{ captcha_image_link }}"><br />
<label for="f_captcha_code"><small>Enter the code:</small></label>{{ camp_edit object="captcha" attribute="code" html_code="id=\"comment-code\" tabindex=\"5\"" }}

Now, in order to use the reCAPTCHA plugin you need to replace the code above with only this:

{{ recaptcha }}

Could I still use the default CAPTCHA validation?

Yes. The built-in CAPTCHA validation in Newscoop is still available and works exactly the same as before.

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