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This is a guide for anyone who wants to work on the code for Newscoop.

Developer Tools

See this page for a number of developer tools you need to get.

Getting Newscoop sources from the Git repository

To retrieve the sources from the Git repository:

You can always get the sources from our public repository @ github by doing only this:

git clone

Installing and setting up

After retrieving the sources enter the Newscoop directory and follow the install instructions from the manual: installing Newscoop from the development branch is not different from installing it from a stable package.

Read the relevant pages from the manual to finish the install process:


Some common issues with Newscoop Installation:

  • The web server user must be able to write to these directories:
    • /var/www/newscoop
    • /var/www/newscoop/conf
    • /var/www/newscoop/files
    • /var/www/newscoop/images
    • /var/www/newscoop/videos
    • /var/www/newscoop/templates
    • /var/www/newscoop/templates_cache
  • Need mysql server and lib packages for Ubuntu: mysql-client, mysql-client-5.1, mysql-server, mysql-server-5.1, mysql-server-core-5.1, php5-mysql
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