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There are several things to check before you actually launch your new website based on Newscoop.

Administrative tasks

  • Register user in support and crm system (zendesk/sugar)
  • Check contract if all tasks are resolved
  • Make sure client and the team are aware of the exact timing for the launch

Hosting / SysAdmin

If we host the client make sure we and the SysAdmin team has the following information:

  • Access to the Domain Hosting (or a contact person with whon we coordinate the switch) to be able to switch to the domain of the client
  • A live server setup which provides the software, space and power necessary for the project (write a ticket to SysAdmin team to set up a live server at least one week before the launch date: make sure to provide the info about the Domain Hosting, the support account of the client, the expected traffic and wether secure hosting is required).
  • Make sure to plan the maintenance of the site by keeping the labserver and having Stash/Git at hand to allow easy changes to the livesite

Technical tasks

  • After templating work is finished have in mind to implement caching and save some 4-8 hours time for it.
  • Make sure the E-Mail configuration is setup in a way not to get blacklisted by E-Mail providers: Change defaults sender adress from to the respective adress of your project.
  • Use urls that use names not article numbers

Templating tasks

  • Make sure all necessary fields are created on livesite that are needed to make your templates work properly
  • Make sure Seo Shortdescription and Keywords of articles are rendered in templates (put also Metatags for front- and section-pages)
  • Make sure there is a favicon
  • Please plan with enough time to apply smarty caching to enhance site speed. Find the documentation on how your code should be organised on this Wiki page:
    Smarty cache storage handler

Editorial Tasks

  • Fill out searchengine fields


All features and functionalities should be intensively tested and debugged such as:

  • User login and registration
  • Comments
  • ...
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