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The Newscoop team is currently focussing on enhancing the stability and accessability of Newscoop. With other words it should become more fun to use it and contribute to it. Thus we are refactoring old legacy code, introduce tests, extend the Rest API and improve the Plugin System. With it we improve existing features, add small new ones and polish the UI to increase the joy of use. Apart from that we are experementing with a completely new UI for the Article Edit Screen wich we want to publish as a plugin in a first beta version together with Newscoop version 4.4.1 in April.

Former Releases

Newscoop 4.3.2 - released on the 26th of January 2015

Newscoop 4.4 - released on the 24th of march

According to our focus to improve the stability of Newscoop and improve the UI and existing features, we realised the following major features.

  • Extend the read and write API to cover all major usecases (and with it release the Article Edit Screen plugin)
  • Refactor the topics feature and introduce a fresh and much more comprehensive UI
  • Introducing editorial comments in the article edit screen
  • Improve the Featured Articles (Playlists) feature by allowing the limitation to a certain number of articles of a featured article list, showing the article type and status in the featured article lists, refactoring the way on how those lists are saved and introducing a clear cache mechanism for all changes done in the featured article list (this last feature might need to be moved to release 4.5)
  • Introducing fixes for a few localisation issues regarding author profiles and captions and many more

Current Release

Newscoop 4.4.1 - bug fix and improvements release planned for the 16th of april

Version 4.4 brought a couple of new features. 4.4.1 brings a few bugfixes and especially improves the performance of version 4.4 of Newscoop. The featured articles list feature has been improved and editors will love it: Cached article lists will now be updated immediately, because the Cache will be cleared when saving the featured article list. On top of that the Slideshow management UI has been improved and should be more fun to use.

Release in planning

Newscoop 4.5 - release planned for june 2015

With the 4.5 release we want to introduce some major improvements to enhance the accessibility of Newscoop by introducing a template wizard to easily browse and install existing standard themes and by allowing to browse and install existing plugins right from the admin interface. We also make it much easier to install and set up Newscoop.

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