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Implemented in Newscoop Version X.Y.Z

block {{ dynamic }}: any code inside dynamic block will be excluded form cache and rendered on each request.

function {{ render}}: to render included sub-templates by separate rendering process with personal cache settings.

{{ render file="template_name" [language=off|language_id] [publication=off|publication_id] [issue=off|issue_id] [section=off|section_id] [article=off|article_id] [params=paremeters] [cache=secs] }}

file: template filename
language: to cache for any language or for a language with language_id. If not defined then used current language_id.
publication: to cache for any publication or for a publication with publication_id. If not defined then used current publication_id
issue: to cache for any issue or for an issue with issue_id. If not defined then used current issue_id
section: to cache for any section or for a section with section_id.  If not defined then used current section_id
article: to cache for any article or for a article with article_id.  If not defined then used current article_id
params: specify additional parameters
cache: overwrite the cache settings in template manager

On article changing or issue publishing/unpublishing the cache manager cleans outdated cached template. Cleaning algorithm based on newscoop specific parameters: language, publication, issue, section, article, template, additional params.


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