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Deliver Real News in Real Time

Create and update your Live Blogs in seconds with video, images, text and audio from your reporters and social media channels. Do you speak german? Lesen Sie unseren deutschsprachigen Flyer.

Current Development

Version: Live Blog v3.8.1
Release Date: June 05, 2020
What's new in Live Blog 3.8.1? 

Made for News

Work with reporters on the ground and editors in the newsroom, following editorial workflows.

Include Social Media

Big event? Enhance your live coverage with likes, tweets, photos and social media posts.

Multimedia experience

Live coverage? Add image slideshows, video streams and other types of multimedia to your feed.


The Live Blog user manual and quick start guide

Live Blog in the Cloud

Start live blogging now based on our Live Blog Pro cloud service

Live Blog is open source

Fork us on Github and download and customise your own version of Live Blog

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