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This feature requires Live Blog version 3.3 or higher and knowledge on how to inject content into your article pages (for example based on Edge Side Include technology)

The problem

SEO of a page containing a blog is almost impossible if that blog is represented in an iFrame, as webcrawlers will (probably) ignore the content of the iFrame. Webcrawlers will also not run JavaScript included on webpages. To enable SEO, the content must therefore be added to a page directly, and the content of the blog itself should be as static as possible.

The solution

These requirements informed the decision to create a new default theme, with which there is now a static rendition on first load (posts are not retrieved and rendered using JavaScript), and it is now possible to create an output of the content of the blog (without a head section etc.) which can then be included in a page with Edge Side Includes. This is valid in regards to simple HTML/css markup as well as for content being compatible with the AMP standards (accelerated mobile pages).

Learn more about how to make use of this technology, which will boost your search engine awareness and place you right in front of your competitors when it comes to live reporting.

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