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To install the ally-py REST framework, you need to install at least Python 3.2. The framework sources can be found at or

The framework has been successfully deployed (at this point) on Linux, Windows and Mac.

The REST framework is currently supporting SQLAlchemy but it needs some patches to make it work properly with python 3.2 and MySQL connector so it will be better to fetch it from GIT folder *orm*.
The connector can be fetched from MySQL connector or get it from the GIT folder *connector*. The Newscoop API specifications and SQLAlchemy implementation can be found in the *source-newscoop* folder.

In order to start working with ally-py you can use an IDE but I have used the Eclipse IDE and PyDev module. After getting Eclipse and adding the PyDev plugin you need to create a Pydev Project (right click on package explorer-> New-> Other-> Pydev-> Pydev Project). After creating the project create source folders (right click on package explorer-> New-> Other-> Pydev-> &Source Folder) for *connector*, *orm*, *source*, *source-newscoop* and *test* after that copy the contents from the corresponding GIT folder into this source folders. After this you can simply start the server from the *source-newscoop/newscoop/* but first configure the engine connection path according to your database *mysql+mysqlconnector://<user>:<password>@<host>/<database name>*

You can also watch the following video for installation help:

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