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Create once, publish everywhere...

Open source software for managing a newsroom's content intake, processes and output.

Superdesk lets news organisations manage all their newsroom activities, including

  • planning and assigning
  • information intake (ingest)
  • processing (writing, editing, translating, curating)
  • publishing on any platform or device (output)
  • archiving

Superdesk follows a create once, publish everywhere (COPE) methodology. The goal is to capture all the content (text, media), context and metadata that a contributor can give in a single interface, which can then be used for all supported publishing platforms (web, mobile, tablet, print, radio, TV and more).

A Superdesk installation contains a number of apps which perform various roles in the newsroom. These apps communicate with each other and share certain common resources, like a media archive and user management. Extending the functionality of your Superdesk (to include liveblogging capabilities or print output) is as easy as adding extra apps.

Superdesk Partners

Sourcefabric is developing Superdesk in cooperation with Australian Associated Press and Norsk Telegrambyrå.

We have also partnered with the Global Editors Network on GEN Live Desk, which ultimately became our Live Blog.

Media Helping Media, training and consultancy outfit headed by media strategist David Brewer, has been helping us with concepts and has inspired us to give Superdesk its name.

Get Involved!

We invite journalists, editors, publishers and media strategists to help shape Superdesk. You can partner with us by contributing your ideas, use cases, programmers, funding. We have NDAs with major international news partners too - we are open to collaborations of all types.

Together we can not only make sure Superdesk will be the right fit for you but we could also go much faster and farther.

To join as a partner, please write to contact(at)sourcefabric(dot)org


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  1. Good to see this space opening up.  I guess Superdesk is getting real.