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Test Signals is a series of workshops, conferences and events that explores new forms for radio and software.

It approaches the political, artistic and practical spectrum of radio, looking at its significance and potential in the digital age, whilst investigating new ways of hacking, augmenting and open-sourcing its technology.

The arrival of the transistor radio in 1954 heralded what would become the most popular electronic communication device in history. Since that time, although radio technology has remained largely unchanged, its boundaries have shifted significantly. An open site for collaboration, quality content and experimentation - all hallmarks of the latest incarnation of the web - radio's ubiquity, adaptability and low cost has seen it move into new platforms and territories. Often working alongside the web as the preferred real-time global dissemination method of political groups, activists and artists, radio's openness is however continually threatened by governmental upgrade agendas, stricter regulatory bodies and industry's need for new consumables.

Test Signals is organised by Sourcefabric. No matter what their resources or location, Sourcefabric works to provide media organisations with the open source software, tools and support to produce quality, independent journalism. Sourcefabric is a not-for-profit organisation based in Prague, Czech Republic, with branches in Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada.

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