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Multi-Platform Digital Delivery over APIs with Superdesk Publisher 

Next generation publishing platform for journalists and newsrooms



  • Many of the existing content management systems were originally designed to serve a single website or blog, with enterprise features added later.

  • Open source PHP content management systems are very popular with news organisations, and have evolved over a period of ten to fifteen years or more: Newscoop (1999), Drupal (2000), WordPress (2003).

  • Much has been learned, and it’s time for a fresh approach.


  • Superdesk Publisher is an API-centric delivery tool for all digital platforms, written from scratch in 2016, using the knowledge gained from 17 years of delivering digital news at scale with Newscoop.

  • Superdesk Publisher is a lightweight PHP 7 renderer for HTTP pushed content in HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates and has no CMS back end of its own. Content creation is managed within Superdesk, not the Web Publisher.

  • The presentation of articles is taken care of by a flexible, device-responsive themes system which can be customised to match your publication.

  • Superdesk Publisher supports multi-tenancy and is designed for software-as-a-service, no installation or maintenance is required by the news organisation.

  • Widgets such as advertising platforms, social media or sidebar content can be added or removed from ‘containers’ in the templates by site admins.

  • Superdesk Publisher runs on a standard web server, or in a Docker container, for test or production deployment.

  • The Superdesk Publisher code is open source, released on GitHub ( under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.


  • Exclusive focus on the specific features needed to deliver content effectively to multiple digital channels.

  • Rapid development of new web site and digital layouts, independently from back-end systems to avoid disrupting editorial workflows.

  • All of the latest embeds and custom widgets for your web pages.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Superdesk, allowing monitoring of content lifecycles from production to delivery. Overview of content performance in real time.

  • Full commercial support from the upstream development and implementation teams.

When: MVP set for November 2016  

Who: Sourcefabric and its partners

External Resources

Project Github page:

Project Github organization (for bundles and components):


JIRA project:

About us

Sourcefabric powers quality journalism worldwide through software development and services.

Sourcefabric is Europe’s largest developer of open source tools for news media. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Sourcefabric z.ú. brings together minds from all corners of the globe to promote media development through the creation of open source software. All of our tools are open source and free to download.

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