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Implemented in Newscoop Version X.Y.Z

To exclude dynamic stuff I've added block {{ dynamic }} block. Any : any code inside dynamic block will be excluded form cache and rendered on each request.

It was first version of template cache handler. It had been working fine but without so many dynamic excluded parts. For given example the cache accelerates just about 2x times than uncached.

That's not fine for me. I'd like more  and I've implemented the second template cache handler version with multirendering support. It allows function {{ render}}: to render included sub-templates by separate rendering process with personal cache settings. The next version contains new function {{ render }}

Full specification:
{{ render file="template_name" [language=off|language_id] [publication=off|publication_id] [issue=off|issue_id] [section=off|section_id] [article=off|article_id] [params=paremeters] [cache=secs] }}


file: template filename
language: to cache for any language or for a language with language_id. If not defined then used current language_id.
publication: to cache for any publication or for a publication with publication_id. If not defined then used current publication_id
issue: to cache for any issue or for an issue with issue_id. If not defined then used current issue_id
section: to cache for any section or for a section with section_id.  If not defined then used current section_id
article: to cache for any article or for a article with article_id.  If not defined then used current article_id
params: specify additional parameters
cache: overwrite the cache settings in template manager