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New in Airtime 2.4 is unofficial support for AAC+. Due to legal distribution issues, we cannot make this an out-of-box working experience, however full detailed instructions are provided in this wiki article.

Compiling Liquidsoap

Preparation for compiling with AAC+

You will need to download and compile a package first. This is very simple, and step-by-step instructions will be provided here. Before we start, you will need some packages. From the terminal, type

sudo apt-get install build-essential


The next step is to download the latest version of fdk-aac here. At the time of this writing, the version is 0.1.1.

Once downloaded, extract the tar ball. From the terminal, type

tar xzf fdk-aac-0.1.1.tar.gz

Now cd into the newly created directory

cd fdk-aac-0.1.1

Now enter the following commands:


./configure --prefix /usr
sudo make install


Now that we have the appropriate packages installed, the next step is to build Liquidsoap with AAC+ enabled. Detailed compilation and installation instructions are available here: Building Liquidsoap from Source


Enabling AAC+ in the Airtime UI

Now that Liquidsoap has been compiled with AAC+ support, we have one more final step - enable the ability to select these output types in the Web UI.

To enable AAC+ run the following:

sudo -u postgres psql -c "update cc_pref set valstr = valstr||', fdkaac' where keystr = 'stream_type'" airtime


To revert the above command, simply run:

sudo -u postgres psql -c "update cc_pref set valstr = 'ogg, mp3, opus, aac' where keystr = 'stream_type'" airtime


Your Airtime install should now fully support AAC+ output.  


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  1. Airtime has zero support access for the free version.

    You have to pay in order to access that page.

    They recently limited access to many pages on the wiki website (sad)
    Open source is obsolete (smile)