Help for Localizers

Newscoop is always in need of people who speak languages other than English. We need your help to translate all the phrases in the application so that people who do not speak English can use it.

The localizer is the main tool used for translating the interface.

You have two options to get started...

Write to us.

If you would like to add a translation, mail and we'll set you up with an account (you'll need to be registered at first).

Then, go to the localizer instance and login with your Sourcefabric username and password.

Localize on your own installation.

Localize on your own installation, then send it to the Newscoop team. To do so, archive (tar.gzip, zip, etc.) of the directory with "admin-files/lang/XY" (where XY is your language code) and send it to Your localization will be included in the next official release.

Please note: The WYSIWYG editor cannot be automatically translated using the Localizer. To do this, follow this guide.